I believe in the transformational power of being in a group. Our ancestral energy for healing comes back in small groups where we support each other through sharing our experiences and the practice of specific healing exercises. I work specifically with self help techniques in order for each person to bring back home and be able to practice this in the intimacy of their everyday life and in their own rhythm. Each member of the group agrees to total confidentiality.


Georgina is a caring and deeply empathetic woman and was the first to address deep residual trauma patterns that kept resurfacing to bring me to a space where I could be with them and where they had been triggered by my menopause - I recommend George to women and her workshop on menopause to journey into the space of the "queen" and gracefully endure what life brings to us through a deep wisdom and support of sisterhood. Thank you Georgina! 



I still remember who and how I was the first day I entered Georgina's practice, what a journey! Second stage of a butterfly to be... A caterpillar I was... Sessions fed me and fed me... So I turned into a Pupa... Transitioning to more understanding, accepting and forgiving of who I am, and more able to think clearly about what I am doing and why I am doing it ! Self confidence building up... Self steam building up.... Weakness & strength... Insights, inspiration, motivation and the fly and here she becomes a butterfly... Georgina has left diverse seeds to be germinate... You're illimitable, move on as you wish, you can do it... So I keep flying and developing and learning... Georgina helped me to become a butterfly! I will always be grateful!