Are you independent? Cold? Aggressive? Competitive? Clumsy? Well experienced? Strong? Active? Assertive? Hard? Sexually confident? A rebel? If so you are certainly not the kind of man our society is imposing you through the ages to be.

Categories in reference to gender and culture dictate the way we behave and have to feel and look at ourselves independently of how we really are. (Nobody is born as such a woman or a man but we are programmed to behave in a specific way independently of how we feel about it.) As a man you are expected to behave towards others as cool, sexually proactive, economically productive, non emotional, assertive, always strong and supportive. But how do you really feel? What would you really do if you could stop this programming? Meet the real you and others like you in an environment of trust and good sense of humour and take with you a couple of techniques that can help you find a steady path in difficult times.

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