Have you ever had the slightest thought of embracing menopause as an actual new beginning? The menopause is a moment of profound blissful transformation, and in this workshop I want to explain to you why...

It is definitely not a synonym for medication, misery and extra hormones. It does not signal the death of your youth, vitality and creativity.

While the pendulum of history has swung from totally idealizing the wisdom of old age to the extreme adoration of the beauty and impulse of youth, finally sciences are putting things in perspective and we are learning that it is the moment your 'best self' can establish.

In this workshop you will:

- learn what menopause really is; you will end misconceptions and myths.

- identify your own limiting believes about it and transform it into beautiful gifts.

- learn about alternatives to hormonal replacements

- become familiar with twelve ways to step out of your fears and re-invent a radiant you.

- share your experience with other women in an understanding, empathic, private and humorous way.

When: October 31st (Wednesday) from 16:00 to 20:00 and November 1st (Thursday) from 10:00 to 18:00

Where: Anna Paulownastraat 91, 2518 BC The Hague, The Netherlands
Fee: 280,-
Early bird discount of 10% before October 8th.