In Argentina

  • I worked for 4 years in the paediatric department of the University Medical Hospital in the unit of abuse and maltreatment.
  • I worked for 2 years in the medical psychology unit of the University Medical Hospital.
  • I worked for 10 years in the neuro-science department at Bazterrica Clinic in Buenos Aires as a neuro psychologist assessing and planning the neurological status of clients and planning their rehabilitation with their families.
  • I worked as an emergency psychologist in the emergency vascular care unit and the intensive care unit in the Bazterrica Clinic.
  • I worked in the assessment and rehabilitation of oncological clients, mainly children and the side effects of radiation therapy with Dr Blanca Diez.
In America
  • While specialising in stress related disorders I had experience in various hospitals throughout New York and Washington.
In The Netherlands
  • I worked in transcultural psychology and anxiety disorders in the expat unit of Psyq Hospital in The Hague.
  • I worked in the chronic patient unit of Parnassia Psychiatric Hospital.
In Spain
  • I continued my work in private- and group sessions, and seminars


  • Licensed in clinical psychology both in Argentina and Holland
  • Studies in systems and family therapy
  • Studies in psycho-neuro endocrinology
  • Studies in critical incidents and trauma
  • Studies in couples therapy
  • Studies in trans-cultural psychology
  • Specialised in encounter centred therapy for couples, families and organisations


During all my years as a psychologist I had my own private consultation practice both in Buenos Aires and in The Hague. The last years in The Hague working mostly with stress, burn out and anxiety disorders within the expat multicultural community. Based in The Hague for international government companies and organisations such as Penal Court of Justice, the Yugoslavian Tribunal, the European Patent Office, the Lebanon Tribunal, the European Court of Justice, the International Peace Court of Justice, Shell, Vodafone, ING and more.