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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1965 and since then I have seen myself going through life as a challenging adventure, where every day becomes a learning experience. While working as a psychologist within different cultures and with a big tendency to overwork, several times I lost track of what I wanted for myself. I got lost in programs and patterns, ignoring my deep desires and intuitions. This resulted in fatigue, chronic pain and a lack of wellbeing for the people around me. I was offering people help to improve their health but I was not able to practice what I was inspiring my clients to do!

Therefore, in search of health and a different lifestyle we (my husband, my 14 year old daughter, two cats and two dogs) moved from The Hague, The Netherlands to Javea on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. Here I became committed to my own self-transformation and wellbeing. 'Being able to incarnate what I preach is an amazing challenge and sometimes a difficult path, but surrendering to my intuition and the bliss of life has been the best road map to wonderful personal places'.

Nowadays, after 5 years of intense learning and going into myself, I feel I need to share my personal adventure and new knowledge with others, as we can only become the best possible version of ourselves by learning through experience and being in connection with our own selves, our relationships and the nature around us.

As an independent professional, (former) clinical psychologist, mother of a teenage daughter and friend, I need to acknowledge my deep capacity for rebirthing and joyful transformation.

When I am not working I love devoting my leisure time to listening to old music, organizing events for the community, practicing anti-gym, staying fit, nutritional cooking, enjoying friends and family and most of all, reading.